Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Insurance Woes, the Happy Ending

[See my post of March 12 for the back story.]

My friend’s claim was paid by Access America. He’s jubilant, and he ascribes the quick settlement to the power of blogging. I am glad that Access America paid attention to my blog post about the hazards of trip insurance, and offered to cut through the red tape involved in settling this claim.

Now I must point out that despite my friend’s happy ending, we each of us still have the responsibility to investigate in advance any insurance we buy. No more buying a pig in a poke. As the Romans said, “let the buyer beware.”

One of the pleasures of blogging is its potentially infinite reach, but sometimes we wonder if anyone is paying attention. This time, someone was, and we have a happy ending.

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rtb.ink said...

It is also who is listening, not just how many.