Saturday, December 3, 2011

Five Reasons to Keep Some Cash in the House

1. If you are elderly, it is expected. Don’t buck the cliché.
2. You don’t have to go to the bank so often
3. It’s fun to open a drawer and find big denomination dollar bills.
4. Having cash you can see and touch makes you feel richer.
5. There are times when having up to $100 in cash in your home is a convenience.

A long, unexpected cab ride, for instance. Paying someone who plowed the snow off your driveway, for another. Forcing cash on a reluctant relative.

When I read that all older people hide cash in their homes, I was surprised. Then I remembered my mother told us she was hiding a little cash in her house, inside the flap of her hardcover copy of Dr. Zhivago. The dear doctor’s stash was used up long before her death. After she died, I found other hidden cash, under the dividers in her vanity table drawer, between the top and bottom of a cardboard box set inside another drawer, inside a sewing table, and more. They were never big dollar amounts by current standards. A five or a ten at most. Finding these little bits of cash was like finding Easter eggs. All good feelings.

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