Thursday, December 8, 2011

Four Reasons to Toss Out Something Today

1. Possessions can weigh you down and eventually suffocate you. Lighten the load. You'll feel a huge sense of relief.

2. Your donations will help others. People are prowling thrift stores looking for inexpensive holiday gifts or basics they can't afford to buy new. You can affect the lives of others positively if you donate your unnecessary items in good condition.

3. Recycling is good for the planet. You are the person best qualified to recycle your possessions. Whether you put metal out at the curb for the roving metal guys, or you carefully sort and haul your recyclables to special centers, every item you keep from the landfill helps.

4. Trash should not be kept for sentimental reasons. We all have items that no longer work and cannot be fixed. Their usefulness is long gone, and they should be, too.

You will never wear bell bottoms again. You will never find the match to that one winter glove. You will never fix that radio, glue that broken mug, or repair that bicycle. Send them all to the next best place.

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